What is science inbound?
A network of experienced scientists and freelance writers who translate technical and research information into impactful content for smart and creative inbound marketing

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I’m Anja Brunner, a science writer and content strategist. I earned a doctoral degree in physiology and bioenergetics, and am an avid learner of scientific developments and technological innovations. What I learn, I communicate to varied audiences and have done so in many roles; as an educator, researcher, marketing writer and innovation manager. Experience has taught me that effective science writing and marketing triggers a response from readers only when the message is relevant, compelling, and direct. I enjoy building stories that capture attention and present new perspectives. I conceptualize connected marketing collateral around that story to educate and persuade readers. Finally, I convey that story in clear and precise language.

I’m Julia Kaiser, a molecular biologist turned science and marketing communicator. I earned degrees in chemistry and biology and conducted research in diverse areas before leaving the lab bench, so I understand a range of scientific topics. I have extensive experience writing digital and print marketing pieces and technical documentation for life science research products, instruments and applications. With a love of science and an affinity for clear and precise writing, I enjoy presenting complex information in an easy-to-read style and can create any type of content you need: web pages, e-mails, blog posts, articles, brochures, instructions for use, technical comparisons and more. I can help strengthen your value propositions and marketing messages to create compelling communications perfect for any audience.

I’m Ute Boronowsky, science and marketing communicator and translator. With a doctoral degree in protein biochemistry, I turned to sales and marketing 15 years ago, working in both established and startup biotech companies. I enjoy communicating scientific content, both to educate the reader and to transform product features into efficient marketing messages. I enjoy researching scientific information, extracting the facts relevant for the audience you wish to address, and creating a concise and fun-to-read story. As a German native speaker with full professional proficiency in English, I write in both languages and offer translations from English to German.

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