We explain what's new in science — and what it means to you.

Discoveries shape the future and new therapies improve lives. But scientific content is often complex, and publications are written only with experts in mind, making it difficult to understand concepts and see research value. We are scientists versed in using plain language and targeted messages to create content for all audiences, regardless of knowledge and experience.

Plain language


Plain language (also called plain writing or plain English) is “communication that your audience can understand the first time they read or hear it.”


There are no set rules for plain language other than clear, concise and well-organized writing. Technical jargon is not part of plain language.

Target groups

Plain language fits the knowledge and experience of the target audience. For example, to explain scientific content to laymen, or to a readership not fluent in English.

Any spoken text, for example video voiceovers, should also be in plain language.

What we offer

We create new content or convert your existing text into plain English or German.

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