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What we do – every step from idea to story

We can support all along the way, from gathering knowledge to expanding the reach of your message, or we can coordinate with you and manage only the steps that make the greatest contribution to your projects.


Compile information, data, literature and insights to support content and guide the execution of a project.

  • Conduct interviews
  • Evaluate survey or product usage data
  • Research novel topics or markets
  • Align information from several sources
  • Brainstorm and crystalize campaign ideas


Process raw input and conceptualize assets that meet marketing strategy or technical document guidelines.

  • Extract and prepare data
  • Develop storylines
  • Coordinate content of related assets
  • Conceptualize and plan graphics
  • Construct infographics


Generate compelling, audience-specific content for print and online assets that convey your story.

  • Copywrite innovative and high-turnover content
  • Engineer clear instructions for use
  • Research, plan and author high-quality topical articles
  • Conceptualize visuals, construct charts and infographics
  • Plan storyboards and develop voiceovers


Coordinate copywriting, review, layout and other project execution components within our network or yours.

  • Oversee successful project completion
  • Gather and implement stakeholder input
  • Liaise with designers, video producers, interviewees, printers and more
  • Create and track asset versioning


Control quality of created assets to ensure scientific veracity, message accuracy and language precision.

  • Edit content for clarity, brevity and completeness
  • Crosscheck facts and claims
  • Secure stakeholder approval and release
  • Carry out document control processes


Redesign content to make it accessible and compelling to a broader and more diverse audience.

  • Translate and proofread DE-EN & EN-DE
  • Transcreate marketing slogans & messages
  • Simplify language to reach any reader (Plain language)
  • Retarget text for new audiences
  • Abridge or repurpose existing content