Communicating science – across language borders

I started my career in science, trying to unveil the secrets of photosynthetic membrane proteins. But it didn’t take me long to discover my true love: communication. For more than 15 years, I talked to customers, created marketing messages, developed strategies for the life science industry. At some point, I decided I wanted to learn more, and went back to training: science journalism, translation, transcreation, plain and easy to read language. Being able to apply my qualifications while keeping abreast of new scientific findings to me is a fulfilling and motivating experience.

Research. Storytelling. Communication.

I research scientific information, extract the information relevant for your target audience, and create a concise story to convey your message. A story to enjoy, remember and share. That story can take many different forms: articles, blog posts, videos, infographics or even instructions for use.

As a German native speaker with full professional proficiency in English, I write, translate and transcreate into both languages.
Some of my projects are described below. Please contact me if you wish to learn more.

Ute Boronowsky

Diplom in Biology,
University of Münster
Ph.D. in Plant Biochemistry, University of Bochum

  • 5 years research in Germany and the US
  • 15 years sales & marketing in biotech
  • >8 years freelancing for pharma & biotech

"We love working with Ute and Science Inbound! Her technical background is really appreciated by our clients and translate into sharp and exciting articles. I highly recommend Science Inbound."

Joachim Eeckhout - Managing Director at

"Ute communicates with our customers in a friendly and efficient way. She quickly scans the information they provide and identifies the main points we need to consider in our videos. With the scripts she writes for us, we can explain even complex scientific topics in only two minutes - targeted to laymen, scientific partners or investors. She brings in her own ideas, always meets deadlines, and is great to work with." 

Frank Metzel, CEO at Life Science Animation

"We have been using Ute and her partners for helping us write up blog posts, customer case studies and designing an infographic on clinical proteomics. Julia, Anja and Ute have been a real pleasure to work with, they deliver high quality content on time again and again. I highly recommend science inbound for anyone looking to support their effort on scientific content."

Christian Ravnsborg, General Manager & Head of Marketing at Evosep

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