Creating deliverables

As a team of experienced writers and translators, we take on all kinds of commissions – from individual tasks to complex, managed projects. If required, we tap into our extended network of graphic designers, video creators and website programmers to create the perfect asset for your client. We maintain a timely, respectful and friendly communication style, no matter how hectic things become.

Scientific and marketing writing

We are trained scientists with decades of experience authoring targeted content on technical, market and scientific topics relevant to the biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our objective is to communicate your customer’s message to end users, patients, physicians or investors in precise, concise and easy-to-read text. You receive carefully written, scientifically correct, compelling and engaging content, presented to the target audience in clear style that meets corporate or publication guidelines. We create content in English or German, for online as well as print publications.

"Writing about science means understanding it, speaking its language and creating a bridge so readers can experience it."


Expert translations

Combining our scientific background with native language skills and linguistic training, we offer expert translations of scientific, medical and marketing content. Whether from English to German, or German to English targeting the US, British or German market, each translation is carefully prepared with the reader in mind and quality-controlled by a native speaker of the target language. Need translations in other disciplines, language combinations or locations? Talk to us. We are always happy to tap into our network of fellow translators to help find the right partner for your project.

"A translation is perfect if your readership does not realize the text had originally been created in a different language."

Transcreation = Translation + Creativity

Slogans, advertising content and other image-related texts must be transcreated instead of just translated. Why? Because most references, puns and  jokes do not translate one-on-one. Creating an equally effective text requires an understanding of the target market, its culture, lingo and connotations that emerge from that constellation. The foundation of each transcreation is a precise translation. Then we take a step back and create an asset that conveys the same message and fits to the local audience. We also explain the transcreated asset in the source language, so that you can judge if it has the desired the impact on your target audience.           

"A transcreated message overcomes linguistic and cultural barriers to evoke the same emotions as the original."

Let's talk

Do you need additional capacity in science & marketing writing, translation & transcreation? Do you need support with clients from biotech and pharmaceutical industries?