Knowledge to create desire

Beyond enabling use, the information context surrounding your product should make a customer want to use your product. Some use aspects can be captured with intuitive product handling but others simply require additional input. That knowledge is conveyed with technical documentation in a range of formats: text, videos, infographics, etc. Planning, designing and creating this content entails taking a step back and envisioning the product in hands of customers, a process that goes hand-in-hand with product development. Postponing the work to stages when design and function are finalized jeopardizes alignment between product and knowledge and can lead to cumbersome instructions and documentation.

Your product in the hands of others

Be brief. Be clear. Keep it simple.

Can't say it often enough.

What’s a must? What can be done differently?

Some products require instructions for use (IFU), while the handling and design of others obviate them. Customers may need technical specifications or targeted workflows to efficiently use a product. We work with your scientists and engineers to construct a harmonized product ecosystem. Whenever possible, we favor online channels or in-product access instead of print matter, as these are easier to update and position where needed.

Anticipate errors and don’t let them happen

Safety when using your product is a top priority and knowledge is central to guaranteeing it. Safety encompasses minimizing the risk of personal injury or product damage, as well as guiding use of the product that leads to reliable and unequivocal results. Working with your engineers, we brainstorm how customers might interact with your product and plan measures to counter misuse.

Leave no room for misuse or underuse

Little is more frustrating to sales, marketing and developers than the unfulfilled potential of a product. While marketing draws attention to what a product can do, product handing and information are the springboard to correct use. As trained scientists with an external perspective, we find and fill gaps in documentation to showcase a product’s full power and how to benefit from it.

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