Create context that matters

A startup is a company without a past. Thus, the context of your product or service — how it works; what value it brings; who stands behind it — is a blank canvas. When and how you commit resources to construct this context as product readiness, marketing or brand awareness can be pivotal.

Focus on “essential and impactful”

Chances are, you won’t have time and money to do everything. Developing a goal-oriented roadmap to promote company and product helps prioritize assets that are essential and impactful to recruit, nurture and convert leads. Plan in hand, consider your resources. Which tasks can be managed internally? Which would benefit from external writing or project management?

"Build a content strategy that connects assets to guide your audience from being readers to becoming customers."

The IFU and Co.

Instructions for use (IFU) and technical assets describing your product are often misguidedly given too little time and thought. The truth is, product assets are a window to your company and philosophy.  Do you value your customer’s time?  We concentrate on concise, easy-to-follow documentation that says you do. Are you thinking forward?  We view IFUs as organic documents that evolve with a product and value smart updates and clear versioning to avoid frustrating users.

"A handbook is like a business card for a company. Make sure to put your best foot forward."

Undeniably good marketing

Whether marketing a product, service or company, get away from the "standards". Good marketing breaks norms. Be bold and standout by delivering information differently. Share knowledge. Your know-how — those long hours spent brainstorming ideas, exploring improvements, making mistakes — differentiates your startup. Nudge in a few seconds. Don’t give your audience a chance to turn away. We showcase your knowledge in few words, illustrate evidence with meaningful graphics and entice with a clear next step.

"Your vision and expertise can be game-changers. Tell your community why."

Why you are, not what you are

No logo, brand name or slogan is as effective in raising awareness about your company as doing something valuable for your customers. If your marketing materials convey a smart, clear and useful message, you won’t need to mention the competition or list business facts to get attention. We help you show your customers why you are their best choice.

"If you define yourself by how you differ from the competition, you’re probably in trouble."


Omar Hamoui, AdMob co-founder

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